Fall 2016 Brainstorming meeting

Thank you for all those that attended our kick-off meeting. A special thank you to Robbie for his interpretive dance.

Below is the list of potential topics and organizers.

  • GRFP workshops (David V.)
  • UGA Teaching Certificate (Ania M.)
  • “How to” for departmental forms
  • Introduction of Post-docs (Rebecca A.)
  • Skill Shares:
    • How to review a paper (Julie Z.)
    • Intro to GitHub
    • Intro to latex (Reni K.)
    • Making pretty figures (Claire T.  & Cecilia S.)
  • Paper Discussion:
    • Science visualization (Reni K.)

If you have other ideas please sign up for a date or contact Reni!

Movin’ on up

This is the first post on our new domain. I was lazy, and just manually transferred the little content we had from the other page over. As such, I didn’t bring any of the old posts with me, so this is the first post. Hopefully having the official `ecology.uga.edu` address will help make this page more used.