A Successful GSS 2024

This year’s GSS was a major success! This year, Odum hosted its largest Graduate Student Symposium in history, with a record number of both graduate student presenters (40) and undergraduate posters (28). To top it all off, there was a wonderful presentation by this year’s keynote speaker, an Altizer Lab alum, Dr. Cecilia Sánchez.

Big thanks to all who participated, visited, presented, and put in valuable time and effort to make such an event possible! Let’s make future GSS events live up to this one!

Bat Conservation International selects Anecia Gentles as a 2022 Student Scholar!

Congratulations, Anecia! As part of this scholarship, she will utilize a variety of field and laboratory methods to understand the ecology of Malagasy fruit bats. She will characterize viral dynamics of Malagasy fruit bats through antibody analysis of bat tissue types. She will determine seasonal resource use through isotope analysis of bat hair. Lastly, she will deploy GPS trackers on bats to delineate the extent of seasonal fruit bat overlap in home range.

You know nothing, John Snow.

Cholera affects an estimated 3 to 5 thousand people in Westeros each year. Its spatial distribution is largely characterized by sporadic outbreaks following the onset of Winter. The common dogma in Cholera epidemiology is that transmission spreads through water sources contaminated with the bacterium \textit{Vibrio cholerae}. However, we used species distribution modeling to demonstrate that the incidence of Cholera cases has no association with the distance to any water sources (Sunset Sea, Narrow Sea, Trident, or either Fork). Thus, the original insight gained from famous epidemiologist, John Snow, in the 1800’s is brought into question.

See full text at: http://mvevans89.github.io/docs/targaryen2018.pdf

Targaryen, Daenerys M.D (2018). You know nothing, John Snow. Proceedings of the Royal Society of Westeros, 12:1-3.

UPDATE: April fool!

Movin’ on up

This is the first post on our new domain. I was lazy, and just manually transferred the little content we had from the other page over. As such, I didn’t bring any of the old posts with me, so this is the first post. Hopefully having the official `ecology.uga.edu` address will help make this page more used.