Teaching Resources

Many OSE students will be teaching assistants during their graduate program, though this is not currently a requirement of any OSE degrees.

Common OSE courses TA’ed by OSE students:

  • ECOL 3500 Introduction to Ecology (Fall Semester)
  • ECOL4150/6150 Population Biology of Infectious Diseases (Spring Semester)
  • ECOL 4310/6310 Freshwater Ecosystems (Fall Semester)
  • ECOL 8000 Topics in Modern Ecology (Fall Semester) 
  • ECOL3300 Field Program in Environmental Problem Solving (Maymester, 2 TAs) 

Courses outside Odum that hire OSE graduate students: 

  • Biol1108L
  • BIOL(WILD) 3700: Animal Behavior

TA-like Research Assistantships

  • Coordinator RA for the OSE-hosted REU Population Biology of Infectious Diseases 
  • Writing Center employment  

Other Teaching Opportunities:  

  • Guest Lectures: Talk with your advisor!
  • ECOL8030: sign up to lead this graduate-student instructed course
  • EcoReach : Be a volunteer or join the Curicullum Committee
  • Lead computational workshops through the UGA branch of Carpentries  
  • Teaching/TAing at another institution: talk with your advisor as opportunities arise

Teaching Resources